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Friday, December 3, 2021

I'm coming back - Victor Ratnayake, who created a lot of stories on social media, is back on the scene

Dr. Victor Ratnayake, who has recovered from a serious illness, gave a pledge to the fans through his face book.

“Soon you will be greeted with a shower of flowers

I wanted to come. ”

He is fulfilling that promise. Victor Ratnayake is currently recording some of his latest songs, while many veterans are refraining from releasing new creations for various reasons. Meanwhile, it is good news that he is directing the music of a film as well as singing two songs of the film with veteran singer Latha Walpola. Because of this he is now quite busy.

He has been away from the media ever since he fell ill. But we met him two days ago. Victor Ratnayake said that this is the first interview with the media after about a year and a half.

Thousands of flowers bloom and thousands of stars rise

Let's have a nice night, love

Heart to heart, eyes to eyes

Let's create a river of taste in our lips, love ..

This is a new song sung by Victor Ratnayake. The song, which features lyrics by Isuru Thilakawardena and music by Dharshana Wickramatunga, has already been released on YouTube.

“I wanted to encourage new ones in this field. That's why I decided to select and sing a few songs and lyrics by a group of young people. On the other hand, I do not have the habit of waiting in silence without creating. If you make a promise, you have to fulfill it, ”said veteran artist Victor Ratnayake.

Many veterans today shy away from innovations, saying they block access to the fans. If so, this is the answer given by Victor Ratnayake when asked what happens to his creations.

'We can't expect radio and television. Instead there is social media. There is YouTube and Facebook. It is through this that these songs have to be taken to the fans. During the last Kovid period I also directed music for a film. That was a movie I accepted before I got sick. 'Monarawilak' is directed by Rasika Liyanage. He also sang two songs. '

Victor Ratnayake is not usually an artist who likes to surf the internet. He started a Facebook account about a year and a half ago.

'I'm not really going to Facebook. But recently, when I was sick, many people had blessed me on Facebook. Hashini My wife reads those comments to me. They gave me energy as well as stimulation. Some said they would wait for my song to come. That's why it was created anew. The song with Dharshana Wickrematunge was the first song released after his illness. Work on a few more songs is nearing completion. He also composed two songs for an amateur singer.

The mere mention of Victor Ratnayake's name reminds me of the 'Sa' concert. After thousands of concerts, Victor Ratnayake resigned despite many demands and later started a series of local and foreign concerts called 'Sarasa'. 'Saras' also stopped due to sudden illness.

'I will continue to sing in movies, on the concert stage and in the electronic media. But if it is a one man show like 'Sa' or 'Sarasa' it will not be repeated. It is a very serious task. We are really losing our rights. We are popularized craftsmen. So we have to give place to the will of the fan. It is wrong to remain silent about old age or illness. '

This was his answer to the question, "Are you still sick?"

“I am not really sick now. There are minor ailments in getting sick. Still being treated. The first thing that came to my mind was a stroke. So there are difficulties. There is quite a cure. I was rescued by the doctors who treated me, Priyankara Jayawardena, Sharmila Withana of England, Prof. Saman Goonetileke, Neomali Amarasena, Harsha Samarasinghe, Afla Sadikin and local doctor Tharanga Wickramasuriya. '

It is no secret that he had to face various insults and insults while still ill. Victor Ratnayake also answered the question of whether he was worried or frustrated because of this.

'There is really no disappointment. Everything that happened should be accepted with optimism. That's how I worked since then. This is a journey that has faced criticism and criticism. Profits and losses and insults are well known. At that time Hashini was a great strength to me. It gives her the courage to do all this. In the meanwhile my friends often come and see me ..

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