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A mother brings sperm online and gives birth to a child online

A single mother in Britain has given birth to a baby after watching a YouTube tutorial on a set of tools needed to insert sperm and sperm online.

The baby was named "Eden" and she has another child.
She bought a fertilization kit from Ebay and found a sperm donor through the Just Ebaby app.

This app allows users to find future "concept partners" locally or globally.

After weeks of texting, the donor has her sperm delivered to her home in January 2020.

Taylor then watched a YouTube tutorial to learn how to use the fertilization kit. Two weeks later, she got pregnant.

Her baby Eden was born on October 15 last year. Taylor considers her a miracle and is extremely happy with how her baby was born.

Taylor said she made the decision because she did not want her son Frankie to be the only child. She feared that a new relationship would make her son unhappy and adversely affect his life.

She said her mother and sister were thrilled with her decision, but her father had recently agreed to the decision to have a baby through an online sperm donor.

The donor, who wished to remain anonymous, said, "She is a wonderful person and I will gladly help her if she wants to have more children in the future."

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