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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Ready to auction the gem - 10% of the value to the government

Lohan Ratwatte, Minister of State for Gem and Gem Industries said that steps will be taken to sell the world's largest gem found at a private mine in Pelmadulla, Ratnapura at a foreign auction at the discretion of its owner.

He also stated that special police protection was given to this gem.

The Minister of State further stated that the value of the goods should be assessed first before selling them at auction and that the Gem and Jewelery Authority has already commenced such activities.

Mr. Lohan Ratwatte said that the gem auction in China will be held next November and it will be possible to sell this gem at that auction.

He also stated that the government gets 10% of the money from the sale of gems. Mr. Ratwatte stated that it is a good fortune to find such a precious gem at a time when there is a financial crisis in the country and that he hopes to sell it as soon as possible with the consent of the owner.

The Arunol gem was found in a private mine in Pelmadulla, Ratnapura and weighed about 510 kilograms. This is considered to be the largest Aranul gem group ever found in the world.

However, the Chairman of the Gem and Jewelery Authority, Thilak Weerasinghe stated that this was discovered 8 months ago.

The Chairman further stated that up to now it has been kept hidden from the media due to its high value.

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