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Suraj's body found with friends

The body of a man floating in the Weerawila Lake in Tissamaharama was unearthed by the Weerawila Police today (14).

His relatives have identified the body as that of a missing person who had gone for a drink with a group of friends on the 12th.

Hendawitharana's Ranga Suraj, 45, is an unmarried youth residing in the Weerawila Mahindapura area.

His elder brother had seen the deceased drinking alcohol with six friends who had come to Tissamaharama from Weligama and a businessman in the Debarawewa area near Weerawila Wewa.

As he did not return home until the next day, the elder brother searched the Weerawila Wewa area and found his motorbike and shoes while he was drinking alcohol on the bund.

The comrade had lodged a complaint with the Weerawila Police regarding the incident.

Accordingly, Navy diving teams conducted inspections near the Weerawila tank embankment yesterday (13).

The missing person could not be found and the villagers saw a dead body floating at the spot around 4 this morning.

Weerawila Police launched an investigation after his relatives alleged that his death was suspicious.

According to the CCTV cameras installed at a place in front of his house, a group of friends had taken him away in a van at around 12 pm on the 4.20th and again at around 8.20 pm, a group of drunken friends had come to his house without him.

It was later revealed that one of the suspects had a cloth bag in his possession and had taken the deceased's saree and shirt. 

Weerawila Police arrested four persons in connection with the incident.

Two others had gone to sea for fishing, police said.
Weerawila Police are conducting further investigations into the cause of death.

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