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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Vehicle consumers in Sri Lanka at high risk .. Cabinet paper ready ..

At a time when the Kovid epidemic is spreading rapidly across the country, with a major negative impact on the local economy, the government is taking a number of measures to control the spread of the virus as well as to restore the lives of the local population.

Among these measures, the government's decision to ban the import of vehicles, which has attracted the attention of many, has been a topic of discussion in various media from time to time. At the Ceylon Motor Traders Association (CMTA), we understand this decision taken by the government to stabilize the local economy, manage foreign exchange reserves and keep the rupee stable.

But we see that the government has recently been considering a cabinet proposal to allow the assembly of vehicles using used vehicle parts, and if passed, it would violate a number of laws. CMTA is deeply concerned about this decision and strongly opposes it. In the future, consumers will have to face many problems regarding the quality, safety and durability of vehicles through this. We also find that the resale value of such vehicles can be greatly reduced, leading to a situation where consumers may be misled.

Commenting on this, CMTA Chairman Yasendra Amarasinghe said,

“It is clear that the government's proposal will ultimately have a negative impact on consumers. Especially since there is no guarantee of the condition of previously used vehicle parts, this can put the assembled vehicle at high risk of road accidents as well as even fire. In the end, it is our customers who have to bear the brunt of all the negative consequences. And if the resolution is passed, the government could lose billions in taxes. ”

CMTA also points out that it would be extremely unfair for the government to pass such a resolution at a time when the government has suspended letters of credit opened by many before the import restrictions. Further, CMTA in March, at the request of Dr. PB Jayasundara, requested that a quota system be introduced for the importation of vehicles, focusing on the survival of the sector and unemployment. CMTA urges the Government to expedite the implementation of measures required for the future progress of the sector and to provide relief to the consumers affected by the rising traffic prices.

Founded in 1920, the Ceylon Motor Traders Association (CMTA) is the only trading company affiliated to the Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce that represents automakers through locally appointed authorized agents. This is the Senior Motor Trade Association in the Asian region. CMTA employs and trains tens of thousands of Sri Lankan citizens and contributes to the creation of internationally trained and employable people, providing better international practice in engineering and management. All CMTA members are duly supervised by the car manufacturers they represent. The vehicles they import are shipped directly from the factory and are designed to meet the specific conditions of the country such as fuel quality, road conditions and climate. Such vehicles are always supplied with the full responsibility of the manufacturer. This gives the car owners complete mental freedom as they are able to operate reliably without any doubt about the quality, safety standards and durability of their car.

- biz.adaderana

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