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Monday, December 6, 2021

What are the difficulties .. Tamil good games ahead

Trade Minister Bandula Gunawardena says that this is the most difficult period since the Great Depression of 1930 and therefore it may be a more difficult period in the country in the future.

 He was speaking at the opening of the new Sathosa branch in Hapugala, Galle. He also said.

 "We must all work to build a national economy that relies more on our country's resources and people to overcome this temporary strain caused by Kovidi 19," he said. It could be a more difficult period in this country in the future. Australia supplies coal to China. Australia suspends supply of coal to China Coal is China's main source of energy. Industries work on coal. China has the largest production and population in the world. In most provinces in China, one day works. All factories closed for 04 days. Most of the raw materials required for the industries of our country are imported from China. We import fabric from China. When Chinese factories are shut down, Chinese goods become scarce. The world is running out of goods. When the world is short of goods, it is difficult for us to maintain those industries. Therefore, this age must be dealt with responsibly and patiently.

Production has crashed all over the world. The exchange process does not run smoothly. Container charges have been increased by 1040 percent. Shipping costs have increased by 300 percent. Hundreds of thousands of factories have been shut down in every country in the world. Billions of jobs have been lost.

In the year 2018, 23 million tourists visited the country. The tourism industry generated US $ 04-05 billion a year. The previous government should take the responsibility for the collapse of the tourism industry. A large number of tourists were killed in the Easter attack as they were well aware that a terrorist attack was imminent. Even after Kovidi 19, the number of tourists was limited. As a result, more than $ 05 was lost. That amount is a huge amount of money.

 Steps are being taken to expand the CWE network as a solution to the cost of living crisis. Sathosa is exerting a tangible influence on the country's market these days. In the future, the CWE branch network will be increased to 03 by the end of next year, with three Sathosa branches in each Divisional Secretariat, he said. 

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