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The millionaire who became a beggar and passed away

It is reported from the Bibila Medagama town that the residents of the area had conducted the last rites as the wife and daughter did not accept the body of a man who had lived as a philanthropist in the area for XNUMX years.
Jayasena, who died while working as a well known gem merchant in the Okkampitiya area in the XNUMXs, had helped innocent people in Wellassa. Eighty year old Jayasena, who was begging at Sigamon, was found dead at the Medagama fair grounds by the residents of the area. At that time the wife and daughter of the deceased had come to the hospital to identify the deceased and after giving a statement they had disappeared and the residents of the area had decided to conduct the funeral together. The body of the deceased was laid to rest at the fair grounds and cremated after a solemn religious ceremony and the body was taken to the streets of the city for cremation.

 Prasanna Padmasiri

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