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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Wimal has a super way to correct the historical mistake that has happened to the country

Minister Wimal Weerawansa has stated that the society is at this time saddened by the answers found and those who deal with bundles of dollars who do not deal with conscience do not understand it.

The Minister made this statement while participating in the launching ceremony of a monthly magazine called 'Third Way'. Representatives of several political parties and a group of civil activists were present at this occasion.

Speaking at the event Minister Wimal Weerawansa stated that the 'Third Way' will create a forum that will answer the questions that are emerging in the society.

“If you find inaccurate answers, you can fall into the same situation. It has happened to the countries of the world. This is a time when our society is looking for answers. So we have a responsibility to find the right answers. Our aim is to create a discourse about the answer to the people who are upset about the answer obtained.

Today society is facing unexpected crises. We cannot control the plague. But there are challenges that we have created with our own hands. If they had not been created they could have escaped. But there are challenges that we cannot avoid in any way. We urgently need to create a way to find solutions to them.

Sri Lanka is one of the least affected countries by gravity. A country in a strategically important position. Today our country is not where it should be. In a much lower place than that. There are many reasons for that mistake. We have to take steps to get our country out of that historic mistake.

I think this history is slowly coming to an end for some kind of childbirth. We find answers in special cases that we would not normally find. Now we are in a special situation where the common answers are not solved. So now we have to choose the answers that can see this special situation, that can overcome it, that can correct the error.

We have to get those answers. We are now facing decisive answers to the role we have played so far in politics. Those who deal with bundles of dollars who do not deal with conscience do not understand these. The Third Way is not just a magazine. It will become a forum for answering the question that is burning in the minds of the people of this country. The Minister said here.

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