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Army Commander General Shavendra Silva explains how the people should behave after opening the country

Army Commander General Shavendra Silva, Commander - in - Chief of the National Action Center for the Prevention of Corridor 19, said that the people were urged not to act with an April Spring like the New Year after the opening of the country and that such irresponsible actions could not prevent the re-emergence of corona waves.

He added that after the opening of the country, the people should strictly adhere to the health laws for two to three months and act responsibly.

The Army Commander said that he would give some advice on reopening the country after the President's visit to Sri Lanka, adding that the corona expansion in the country was under satisfactory control.

He added that the country's corona distribution is expected to slow further in the next two to three months.

Mr. Shavendra Silva said that the program to keep corona infected people at home was very successful and it was a great help in controlling the spread of corona.

He said that health guidelines are being prepared to open the country.

Meanwhile, the Army Commander said that 51 percent of the total population of the country has been vaccinated against the second dose of the corona vaccine.

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