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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Get out of the airport in a matter of seconds without getting stuck

State Minister of Civil Aviation and Export Zonal Development DV Chanaka has introduced a new online methodology for passengers arriving at the Katunayake International Airport to exit the airport within 20 seconds without the use of paper or other equipment.

As the corona epidemic spreads around the world, passengers arriving at the airport have to report to health officials in addition to being on duty at the Sri Lanka Customs and Immigration and Emigration offices. These passengers will have to spend an additional 02 minutes for this.

With the introduction of the new online methodology today, that time has been reduced to 20 seconds.

Passengers who intend to arrive in Sri Lanka thereafter upon arrival at the Katunayake Airport in that country or by air can access this system through the following link at www.airport.lk via https://www.airport.lk/health_declaration/index You can submit your information by going to the QR code boards located inside the ferry arrival premises.

Accordingly, their vaccination card and PCR test reports obtained 72 hours prior to arrival in Sri Lanka should be submitted online under this scheme.

As a result, passengers do not have to spend idle time in queues, filling out paper forms or transmitting information using other equipment.

The new system allows passengers to exit the airport in as little as 20 seconds, minimizing the risk of coronavirus.

Also, the security personnel who meet at the exit of the airport have been provided with these facts through this methodology and these passengers have been given the opportunity to leave the airport quickly.

Speaking further Minister of State D.V. Chanaka stated that the Katunayake Airport will be fully digitized by April 2022.

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