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Monday, December 6, 2021

Importation of chemical fertilizers on the fence: Government owes companies Rs 24 billion

Although permission has been granted, another problem has arisen in the importation of chemical fertilizers. The reason for this is that the government has not yet paid the dues to the fertilizer companies.

Fertilizer companies have to pay Rs. 24 billion for subsidized fertilizer last season. Fertilizer companies state that they will not take a decision regarding the importation of chemical fertilizers until this amount is received.

Also, the prices of chemical fertilizers in the world market have risen sharply. Neth News continued to reveal in this regard last season that despite the sudden need to import chemical fertilizers, it is difficult to implement it quickly.

Previously most of the chemical fertilizers in Sri Lanka were imported from China. However, due to the global demand for chemical fertilizers, China has restricted the export of fertilizers. This is due to the fact that China currently has enough fertilizer to meet the needs of its own country and there are not enough stocks of fertilizer to export.

Accordingly, Sri Lanka now has to import fertilizer from Russia. If fertilizer was imported from China, it would have been possible to import only the required quantity in containers. But if it is imported from Russia it will not be possible to do so. This is due to the fact that Sri Lanka also has to purchase fertilizer under Russia's fertilizer export policy.

Usually when ordering fertilizer from Russia you need to get between 35,000 and 40,000 metric tons at a time. But private companies say it is difficult to import such a large quantity at once because there is no concession.

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