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Lots of little angels come to the tunnel with the leftovers from the big hotels

It was a time when extraordinary things were happening. In 1987, another day dawned on Crow City. The moonlight had also fallen on the clubhouse. Inside are carnivals, dances, delights. It was adapted to Clarianian pop music, and from time to time Sylvian music was heard. Chaminda Prabath Perera, who took the last step from Aswattu Square, was on his way to the Pallewatta Dasa Building in Borella. It was during this period that Chaminda fell in love with Ariyawathie in Narahenpita, much to the amazement of the people of Dasa Building Pallewatta. 

It is the hope of everyone in the estate that Chaminda will rise to the occasion like a bullet born in front of love. Ariyawathi brought love, kindness and compassion to Chaminda. Arikka, who gave advice to Chaminda like a mother, is a fiery bird when she falls in love. The young man's friendship was not like it was then. They are often fun parties. The party of the night is not to be missed. It is not the couple who came out to the party that night. That is why Chaminda does not need to write down the names on the paper in the Arikka book and possess them. Although he heard a small noise from the side of Narahenpita, Chaminda responded by saying, "Ade, he is coming to Borella lying." Although Chaminda knew that Arikka's friend had kept Askan at Narahenpita saying that he had to go to the General Hospital and Ridgeway Children's Hospital before that, he fell in love with Arikka as a truly pure lover. Arikka came to the lower estate of Dasa Building together with her childhood happiness. That happy name is "Little Lady". When Arikka came to Borella from Narahenpita with two or three pieces of sari in a silly bag, she came with four legs. "Come on, let's start life somehow. Why did this animal come to pick me up like Murray on the core?" Arikka replied. Let's say Chaminda, who was thinking of what else to do now in the presence of his primate's happiness, prepared a wooden chair in the wooden room for the little lady. Little Nona, who has been watching Rathi Keli, Premalingana, Adaraya and Avatiel work, could not have imagined that by 2021, 19 members of her generation will be in the midst of the Chaminda-Arikka love affair. 

Dear friends, it has happened. 

As of today 

Chaminda = a well known dog breeder in Borella. 

Arikka = A man walking down the street without a Nineveh and coming near the Borella tunnel in the evening.

The Borella tunnel has become a home for both. Asphalt road canyon. The current members of this family are the "white kikki" who have no limbs other than the bingo champion "Japanese". To Love.) Such dog entourage. Accompanied by them, Chaminda and Arikka pay for a fun life according to them. 1976.12.05 Born in Ward Place, Borella. Chaminda, who wrote at Senanayake College, and Arikka, who was born in Narahenpita without a date, do not weigh their lives because they do not really want to weigh in with someone else. They do not pay a penny for what society says and does. As soon as Chaminda found out that his father, who could not stand his activities, had written to his elder sister's son the whitewashed house at Borella Junction, he brought a wooden landmaster outside Moratuwa and set up a wooden room. U.D. Although the wooden room was leveled a couple of times, Chaminda did not keep it on his shoulders. He realized that there was no point in stretching out his fingers to search for the dead yesterday. 

“Boss! I only live with dogs and Ari. Every penny I'm looking for is for 21 people to eat and drink for me and Ari's fun. No account, no credit card, no bank loan. The things that have been said and done are not posted on Facebook or Instagram. I spent 40 years of my life with this set. The fun of life. I made shoes. (Time outside the quarantine curfew that came one after the other) Looking for a day to live in those days. Eat well. It is also given to animals. Ari is also treated. Ari is a good girl. He's taking care of me now. Nobody comes to make shoes now. Boss, he didn't come to hear about us. Looking after animals. I'll talk about animals now. Now let's say someone gave me a little part. The first form is the white kiki. Love one. At the same time, he takes the scene to the set as a robbery. Scattered people enter the scene. Even if four or five people come, it will not be opened. I'm right Ari wants to cool them down. Boss I'm the man who fell from the good house in the garden to the street. Our family is a good important family. The same goes for Ari. We are here today because of our own negligence. There is no point in cursing anyone. To this day my relatives live around this garden. This is the story. I don't have seven today. Let's say the man with a million today fell on the street tomorrow. He doesn't have a dog either. Not even the least bit of a girl. But today I have Ari with 19 dogs. Not just with boss love. If I walk, these 19 gangs are behind me. Importantly coming. No noise tax. But they are very meter about people. Loaded in Colombo. I'm holding on to life, Ari, because of these little animals. We live under the tunnel. It's a joke about well - dressed people driving cars. We both look at it and laugh. Ari is a good storyteller. But if someone does a dog thing to an animal, Ari does not think twice to pull the ghost story. While I was sewing shoes, I hit a small board near the tunnel. "I'll take care of the dogs, don't put them on the street and bring them to me." That is what was written on the board. Good important ladies have put puppies in beautiful bags and secretly brought me puppies. They are with these 19 today. ”

Dear friends,

Chaminda, let's leave Arikka and talk about the lives of ordinary people. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. How much discipline do people work 8 or 9 hours a day? On the other hand, after catching those 8-9 hours in monotonous work shifts, people like to let the day's fatigue dissipate a little, feed the ants time, and wait for the owls to bark. Why do people do that? That is the reaction of people to the monotony of paid life. People have no choice. There is control under an authority. The monotonous life given to the authorities has curtailed the individual freedom of the people. No matter how disciplined people say they are, they give up when they do. That's where life gets messy. Chaminda and Arikkai have been out of the same discipline for a long time now. They say they enjoy life to the fullest. Unhappily, Jandiya gets dressed up and looks at the dead people on the road and has a lot of fun. But all this is happening because of the love lamp that is often lit by Chaminda and Arikka. The balconies of the Ritz and Ritz film halls look like the wooden palace of Borella. These two have a strong thirst for love. What makes it a success is the "love one" animal among the 19 people. Really love these two. When a dog loves his master and mistress, even a dog can go the other way:

This is what Arikka Chaminda and the gang of 19 think.

"We are OK. Now I got rice before ding. The ladies of Colombo help the animals a lot during these difficult days. Rosie Nona's sister is on Sunday. Then the lady at Ward Place was the fat lady at Cinnamon Gardens on Saturday and Wednesday. The tall Tamil-speaking lady with her head covered on Friday. (She may be a Muslim woman.) Ten nights later, a bunch of little angels came to the tunnel to pick up leftovers from the big hotels. These people are not hungry at all. We will not allow that to happen. Chaminda cannot get a job because of this corona game. I'm the one looking for something right now. You can eat out-of-the-box food but don't mind it. These 19 are living well because there are still warm-hearted people in Colombo. Chaminda is also a good man son. False complaints about our animals barking and biting go to the police in Yamare. U.D. Going together. Even the big gentlemen of the police come and find out what we are doing. U.D. The same is true. They know who we are. In the past, there was a dog crematorium near Mariakade where stray dogs were caught and burned. The back dog van came to catch the dogs with nets. No such trouble now. At that time I ran after the wagon and saved the animals. However, we put a leash on the shoulders of every animal we make. Then everyone knows that this is a loving pet. ”

Dear friends, the lives of men and women outside this norm are very good. Fresh. These are the givers of something, not the recipients. This is to say the least. If you give them money, they will suffer by saying that they are living on that money. That's because these two lives have no boundaries. That is why we do not approach them except with something that quenches our hunger. 

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