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Thursday, October 28, 2021

A., a world-renowned musician. R. Our "gem" that surpassed Rahuman is back on the record

that. R. You do not need to introduce the name Rahuman in a strange way. Rahuman, the "silent worker" of many of India's famous songs, has been featured in a number of films in India. However, this story is not about Rahuman. It is about "Johani de Silva", a girl from our country who passed Rahuman.

"Yohani" who won international acclaim with her song "Menike Mage Hithe" R. Rahuman has surpassed the number of YouTube subscribers.

Johanni, who has 2.93 million followers, now has 2.96 million followers.Gossip Lanka News Congratulations to Yohani on this new record !!

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A., a world-renowned musician. R. Our "gem" that surpassed Rahuman, again among the records3
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A., a world-renowned musician. R. Our "gem" that surpassed Rahuman, again among the records4
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Looks like a mess!
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OK laugh!
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Very sad!
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30.svg? V = 2.6
48.svg? V = 2.6

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