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Here is what is going to happen to the 'skin' of the people of Sri Lanka behind the epidemic

Dr. Ajith Prasanna Kannangara, a dermatologist at the Elpitiya Base Hospital says that there is a tendency for skin diseases to increase among the people due to the stress caused by the corona epidemic.

The specialist stated this at a media briefing held in Hirimbura, Galle today (14) on the occasion of World Skin Blood Day.

 Specialist Dr. Ajith Prasanna Kannangara further stated “About 30 to 40 percent of our population suffers from skin diseases. Stress, especially with the corona epidemic, has been linked to an increase in skin diseases such as hemorrhoids, acne and hair loss in women. ”

Expert Ajith Prasanna further stated that the World Skin Blood Day started in the year 2018 and this time it will be held for the fourth time. He further stated that in our country this is known as red skin and severe rash.

 “More than 230 million people worldwide are affected by this disease. The disease can be seen in infants, young children and adults at any stage. The main feature of this disease is the itching of red spots with excessive itching. It can be found on the cheeks and neck of infants, on the elbows and elbows of children, and anywhere on the adult body. 

This disease causes a lot of problems physically and mentally. The main purpose of World Skin Blood Day is to be around the world. Educating and caring for dermatologists and their caregivers. 

Another objective is to educate those in the medical field about the disease and to refer them to relevant decisions. Clinics have been conducted for patients for the past two years. But this time due to the corona epidemic the patients were informed through electronic and print media. ” This was stated by Dr. Ajith Prasanna Kannangara.

He further stated that the clinics are operated under the supervision of a dermatologist in all the base hospitals, teaching hospitals and general hospitals. He further said that the disease can be controlled by participating in those clinics.

(Lalith Chaminda - Galle)

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