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The unfortunate fate of the boyfriend due to the playful Sujani in Wadduwa

Samantha, XNUMX, a resident of Wadduwa, is an accountant.
His wife Sujani is thirty-five years old. Samantha had been paralyzed for three months after getting married and was fainting.
The body ached. They both lost their children. There was also a strong stench in the house. Even a wealthy family had run out of wealth.
He sought medical treatment to recover from his illness but was not cured. Medical tests revealed that he had no illness.
There was no relief, though.
Eventually with Samantha Sujanith they found the Gupta Exploration Center.
They met with the spiritual advisor and described their grief and illness. At the first examination, Samantha was startled by a ghost and began to cry.
As there was no end to the ailment, the explorer gave him pure consciousness and instructed him to perform Bodhi Pooja at the village temple for twenty-one days and return.
After the Bodhi Pooja, they returned. That same day, Samantha began to cry.
“And⁇ .. and⁇. Please stop that shit and answer what I ask. ” The explorer told the ghost.
"Who has entered this body?" The explorer asked the ghost again.
"I'm Sakun"
"Who is Sakun?"
“Samantha's Girlfriend. Shakuntala, ”said the demon, and began to weep incessantly.
The ghost exhumed Samantha's body and asked Samantha who Shakuntala was.
Samantha told the researcher that Shakuntala was his ex-girlfriend and that she was very beautiful and had gone to study in the US and had become very hybrid.
Once again, the explorer focused on the ghost and began to question the ghost again.
"Why are you bothering Samantha?"
"Oh, I love Samantha. I lost Samantha. I was sad when he got married. As soon as I remembered Samantha, I was drawn to Samantha. ”
The exhilaration was to say.
"Why did you lose Samantha?"
"I'm not good."
"Why are you bad?"
“My father sent me to the United States to study. Being associated with American friends made me want to act like them.
I drank alcohol. Went to the club. I spent money sent from home and did things like that.
Even after coming to Sri Lanka he behaved in the same manner. So Samantha got bored of me. Samantha is good. Samantha has a good job.
There is good money too. The qualities are also good. I love Samantha. I was sad when Samantha left me and married someone else.
Then I drank more alcohol. They became addicted to drugs and started using drugs. ”
"When did you die?"
“Drug use has increased. The dose has increased. ”
"Are you angry that Samantha got married?"
"No, no, no, no." Samantha left me because of my misbehavior. I accept that .. but I love Samantha. When Samantha remembers, I pull up to her. Finally I stayed in Samantha's body. ”
"What do you want now?"
“I want to get rid of this grief. This would not have happened to me if I had accepted my mother's advice.
This happened because I was used to American behavior. Finally I had to come to Sri Lanka. I'm sorry. I'm hungry.
But can not eat. I do not know. I'm naked. I want to get rid of this grief ”
"You are not a Shakuntala now. A joy of infinite suffering.
That's the last thing that happens to every Western-style woman who drinks, drinks, goes to clubs and dances.
Now turn your mind to Dhamma. It is a sin for you to be in this body of Samantha.
We will have to suffer more from that sin. Will suffer for thousands of years. We will help you because you will admit your guilt. ”
The explorer aimed his energy beams and began to burn the demon.
"Think of Samantha." Think of Samantha. ”
The demon began to burn more and more with such instructions.
"Inflammation. Inflammation." She is burning. ”
"Do you remember Samantha when she was burnt?"
"No…. No…. It just hurts. ”
"Then look at that Buddha statue."
The explorer aimed the compassionate rays at the demon.
"Healthy, cool, no inflammation now. It's cool. ”
The ghost was about to say.
On that day, the explorer instructed Samantha to stop the search, offer a group alms at home, offer robes with eight pirikaras, and remember Sakunthala's name and approve the pin.
By the time Samantha returned from giving alms, Samantha was largely healed and the stench in the house was gone.
That same day, the explorer spotted the ghost in Samantha.
"How are you now?"
“After the alms, my hunger was quenched, sir. I also got clothes. I feel great relief. ”
"Are you wondering if Samantha is still in her body now?"
"No, no, no, I'm not going to do the wrong thing I did while I was alive. I'm leaving Samantha and Sujani to be happy."
"Where are you going?"
“Please! Sir, send me to a better place ”
Shakuntala's old lady sneered.
Samantha brought a bouquet of white lotus flowers and attached the ghost to it and sent the explorer with them to Anuradhapura. The explorer, who guarded Samantha's home with spiritual protection, also prescribed them some daily Buddhist rituals.

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