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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Milco receives revenue in August

Milco says it has earned a record revenue of Rs. 1.25 billion from the sale of dairy products in August.

Minister of State for Livestock, Farm Promotion and Dairy and Egg Industries, D.S. This was revealed during a special discussion between B Herath and the Chairman of Milco and other members of the Board of Directors.

The Minister pointed out that further strengthening the relationship between the institution and the dairy farmer is a basic need.

Lasantha Wickramasinghe, Chairman of Milco, said that 91 Dairy Farmers' Boards are currently operating in Sri Lanka and that it will be used as a base in the future.

Attention was also drawn to the basic strategies required to enhance cooperation between the field officers of the Department of Animal Production and Health and Milco.

He pointed out that it would be easier to give more privileges to dairy farmers and to identify dairy farmers who are actively working in the field.

Discussions were also held on possible strategies to double the current daily milk collection in the future.

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