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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

It has been 43 years since we lost Rukmani Devi, the first woman to bring Sri Lanka to international fame.

Rukmani Devi, the first queen of Sinhala cinema and the lead singer of the first film, has passed away this October. Forty-three years to the 28th

In October last year and in October this year, her dear fans did not have the opportunity to hold Divine Pooja or Alms Giving to commemorate the day of her death. This was due to the corona epidemic in the country. B. started the Sinhala film industry. that. W.W. The film 'Broken Promise' was screened on January 1947, 21 under the direction of Jayamanne.

The Kingsley Cinema in Kotahena, Colombo, where it was first screened, is also gone today. 1923 Jan. Rasamma Daisy Daniels, who was born on the 15th, was baptized as Rukmani Devi on stage when she entered cinema. During his school days, he acted in the play 'Ramayana'ග පෑමෙන් නාට්‍ය රRukmani Devi started singing in 1939. W.W. Rupasinghe became a bell-ringer singer singing Siri Buddhagaya Vihara with Master.

In 1940 b. that. W.W. He joined Jayamanne's 'Winerwa' Drama Association and sang to the delight of the audience while changing the scenes of stage plays. B. who understood her singing as well as acting ability. that. W. used her as the lead actress for his play. Eddie Jayamanne, who played the lead role in the early days of the play Broken Promise, played his brother B. that. W.W. Jayamanne started using women to play the lead role in his plays. that. Eddie Jayamanne played the clown in W's plays. Rukmani Devi fell in love with Eddie and after marrying Eddie, the popularity of Jayamanne dramas increased. Rukmani Devi, who broke the ban in the era when women were not allowed to act, produced films in the era of acting and had to act in Indian films, following the Indian style of acting.
Rukmani Devi often got to sing songs written in Hindi or Tamil. Her melodious voice was able to captivate her friend, even though it was a lyrical song.
This is because of the uniqueness of her singing style. Although there are many things in her life that she can be proud of, I think the immense genius she displayed as a singer was the main factor that contributed to the unparalleled image of her that lived a life of humility.

ගපෑමේදී ඇය තම සහකාර නළුවන්ට මෙන්ම ඇය සමග රShe is a teacher to the actors and actresses who take part in the singing. She saw Stanley Perera's nervousness while acting in the movie 'Kelehanda'.ගපෑමක් ඒ නිසා ඔයා මා සමග රDo not be afraid of snoring.

According to Alo Aiya, Rsගපාන්න. කවදා හෝ ඔයා සිංහල සිනාමවේ දක්‍ෂ නළුවෙක් වෙනවා යැයි පැවසූ බව ස්ටැන්ලි පෙරේරා ඇය ගැන පැවසූ අයුරු මගේ මතකයේ තිබේ. මුල් කාලයේදී චිත‍්‍රපටයක ද්විත්ව චරිත රRukmini Devi was also the first actress to be cast. That crazy belief is in the movie. She earned more than she needed and was generous enough to give her driver a car with the money she earned from acting in a movie.
Due to his love for cinema, he mortgaged his 'Jayate' house and produced the Siriyalatha film. Despite earning a large income from it, she did not bother to save her house and had to alienate her house and live in rented houses.

She loved her parents dearly and died in a car accident while attending a concert in Matara to raise money to treat her mother at a time when she was financially strapped.

Rukmani Devi, a Sri Lankan actress, was the first Sinhala film actress to be fortunate enough to carry the state flag on the chariots of Indian pagans during her heyday in India.

Rukmani Devi has gone down in history as the first woman to bring Sri Lanka to international fame. When Queen Elizabeth arrived in Ceylon in 1954, Rukmani was the first woman she accepted.

After her death, the people of Negombo flocked to the city for her funeral, a scene that reflects the great respect and love shown to this incomparable artist.

Excerpt - Divaina newspaper

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