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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The story that Samitha's husband told her being sensitive

Singer Samitha Mudunkotuwa is a singer who has a melodious voice that everyone loves. Due to some incidents that took place in her personal life in the last few days, a lot of people started talking about her.

However, Samitha's husband Chirantha suddenly added a video to the face book and gave the following answer to the allegations leveled against him and Samitha.

“I am in love with my wife and children. Why is that a problem for some. Eleven-year-olds looked after their two children with no shortage of love and affection. We are slandered for saying various things. There are only a few who blame me and my family. Samitha I get something pinaka. From the day we receive it, some tell us things. We are being scolded and slandered. They are the ones I am asking these questions to. ”

"Samitha is my age gap. This has been a problem for many people. Keep the same in your head and read the same. So if I really mean true love it doesn't matter age. It has been proven in many countries. Age is not an issue for sincere love. I live very happily with my wife and children. No one is persecuted. We only have an age number. This is how it is until our love dies. ”

"When we are so happy, will she be a problem for some ..?" People who have not asked you what you ate and what is lacking are now blaming us .. Those people did not ask questions before, why are they asking now. Why do they say that when we have family life? ”

“How many beautiful songs does Samitha have? You can close your eyes and listen. Do we people know that? Why aren't they appreciated? How can my wife be patient when she says so many things? I say to those who criticize Samitha. Because of what? My wife says Aunty, Grandma says, God what did she do wrong ..? How many things did you say to Shane? “

“We are not to blame for having a beautiful family life. I don't care about Samitha's past, Samitha doesn't care about my past either. Therefore, day by day, day by day, everyone should enjoy love .. pay for their family life without blaming others .. !! ”

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