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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The young man who came to Kapuwa in search of relief fled with Kapuwa's family. Kapuwa goes to the police in search of his wife.

Police in the Kalutara South have reported that a man who had come to a cotton plant in a devalaya to seek relief claiming that his wife had gone elsewhere had taken his wife to Karakara.

He tried to find his wife but could not find her. Meanwhile, the speaker met a friend and told him about the incident and asked for help.
The speaker, under the guidance of his friend, went to a shrine.
Mr. Kapu of the Devalaya, who had listened attentively to the servant's lament, went to an ant and began to pop. It took a while. The cotton was aroused. The acquaintance looked on and began to tell fortunes. The mother says that your wife lives happily in a house with another man. She can be brought back. But there are some conditions. When the mother said that she would bring it if she could commit it, the speaker bowed to the cotton and said in front of the pastor that he would make any sacrifice to bring his wife.

Mothers are told to come to the Devalaya clean two days a week, clean the area around the Devalaya, offer flower lamps and pray to the Mother of God.

On the way, the pastor's beautiful wife caught the speaker's eye. She nodded a little and wondered why she was doing so well with the speaker. Mobile phone numbers also changed. The two talked to the thief. That's why it's good now. The two negotiated to go under the same roof. A good tactic was employed. Kapuwa's wife put kerosene in the mouth of her two - year - old child and told Kapuwa that the child had been drinking kerosene and should be taken to hospital immediately.
Finally, Kapuwa came to the Kalutara police and begged them to find his wife.

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