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Friday, December 3, 2021

Sugar prices also go up

It is reported that the prices of sugar and rice in the market are rising uncontrollably.

The price has gone up again at a time when a control price has been imposed on sugar.

The price of a kilogram of sugar has risen sharply to Rs. 230 due to the concealment of sugar stocks in the recent past. At that time the Consumer Affairs Authority conducted raids and found the relevant stocks of sugar and the government set a control price for sugar.

Accordingly, a gazette notification has been issued imposing a control price of Rs. 122 per kilogram of white sugar. However, the Consumer Affairs Authority stated that white sugar is currently being sold at Rs. 135 in the market.

Also, the control price imposed by the government is Rs. 125 per kilogram of brown sugar.

However, market sources say that at present a kilogram of brown sugar is being sold in the market at a price of 138 rupees.

It has also been reported that some traders are hiding their sugar stocks and selling them at inflated prices.

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has launched a special operation to find the shops and owners who hid the sugar stocks and prosecute them.  

Meanwhile, the prices of rice in the market have also gone up.

Earlier a control price was imposed on rice but the government removed it.

Accordingly a kilo of Nadu rice is currently sold at Rs. 125, a kilo of Samba rice at Rs. 150 and a kilo of Kiri Samba rice at around Rs. 220.

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