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Friday, December 3, 2021

Heshani reveals the reason for the sudden haircut at the cancer hospital

My hair was donated. It was a passion I had when I was a kid. Also, the day my mother Kovid grew up and was taken to the ambulance, I thought I would give my hair to a cancer patient when I recovered. It just came true. That makes me very happy ''

We all know that these drugs can quickly damage the hair of a cancer patient. If you can give such a person a hair, it is also a great blessing. When it is diagnosed as cancer, the patient's life breaks down. Life stops. What good is it if you can help such a person to think positively and resurrect him? Unbeknownst to them, they are terrified of death. But whether they live a short or long life, they too need to be beautiful during that time. You have to face the society beautifully. If such a person can be a strength and his happiness can be his own happiness, there is nothing more great than that. There was a lot of talk on social media about a special person who made a commitment for such happiness.
16 year old Erandi Heshani is the person who revolutionized the music industry through Sirasa 'Voice Teen' that we all know. Many came to know her through the song 'Egodaha Yanno' sung by Heshani for 'Voice Teen'. The song has been viewed over a million times on YouTube.

Many people started talking about the good deeds done by a young child when he was gaining such popularity.

Heshani, a resident of Wadduwa, is a student of Wadduwa Central College. Her mother, who has an older brother and sister, is an 'A' grade singer and dance teacher at the radio station.

Heshani told us a story about donating her hair for a cancer patient.

'I donated my hair. It was a passion I had when I was a kid. Kovid grew up in our family. Mom had a little hard time. It wasn't until two in the morning that my mother learned that Kovid had grown up. Dad called and said little mom was positive. At that time we fell quite mentally. When my mother was being taken to the ambulance by Kovid, I thought to myself that I would give my hair to someone who had cancer when he recovered. That was the day I felt sad. I am not someone who keeps sadness and heartache going. Then little by little my mother recovered and my wish came true. I'm very happy about that. '

After I gave this hair, a lot of people called and texted and asked if we should give the hair too, how to give it. That's a big deal. I respect that. I grew this hair because of the reality show. Kovid is at home because of it. Can't even go to school. I continued to grow. Then I asked my mom and dad if I had a passion like this, if mom and dad liked it. Then they asked how good it was. You were told to do whatever you liked. It cannot be given to the hospital at this time. So I personally gave it to someone. Our family is very religious. My father's example was the reason why we all turned to the Dhamma. I have been going to the temple regularly since I was a child before a good deed. We learn the good and the bad of teaching from the temple to the school. Buddhism is a philosophy. When you are loyal to it, you will succeed in your life. '

'When I was seven, my mother sent me to study music with my teacher Pushpa Bakinigahawela. I have an innocent pride in my life. I am facing the A / L examination in the year 2023 in the arts stream. In the meanwhile music is being done. There is an unforgettable event in my music life.

That day when I was singing on the Voice Teen stage, a father came and told me that my child wants to hug you and give you a kiss. That feeling is so endearing, because it comes from the very heart of that sister. My family is also supporting my journey. My mother taught the three of us to sing. '
'I would like to enjoy life with more meritorious deeds like this. We are not born into the world just to eat and die. We have to do something. In life we ​​have to have a limit to everything. We have to accept the challenges of life. At the same time children should be directed to outdoor activities. Some mothers go to work not at home. The children feel lonely. That's when phones turn to games. It's addictive. When children are involved in outdoor activities, the mind develops.

We congratulate Erandi Heshani for bringing pride to the country through the field of music, for making education a success and for doing a good service to the society and the country through more exemplary activities.

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