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Friday, June 18, 2021

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The good news about vehicles being assembled in Sri Lanka

Analytical report on monthly motor vehicle registrations shows that locally assembled motor vehicle registrations have increased.

Vehicle consumers in Sri Lanka at high risk .. Cabinet paper ready ..

At a time when the Kovid epidemic is spreading rapidly across the island, with a major negative impact on the local economy, the spread of the virus ...

A new story about importing vehicles

With the Cabinet decision to suspend the import of a limited number of vehicles, the number of vehicles required for their travels has been increased.

Here are the latest car prices! A car for 12 million

With the temporary ban on the importation of vehicles, the prices are increasing day by day, but despite the increase in prices, the people ...

An opportunity in Sri Lanka to trade in dollars

The Ministry of Finance has given approval to hotels registered with the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority to accept payments for their services in US Dollars.

Central Bank bans cryptocurrencies

Here is a press release issued by the Information Technology Association of Sri Lanka. The Information Technology Association of Sri Lanka in February 2021 ...

Opportunity to get more foreign loans for licensed finance companies

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka allows licensed finance companies to borrow up to 20 percent of their total assets in foreign currency.

Unlimited internet packages and service company mafia

Here is a press release issued by the Information Technology Association of Sri Lanka. Unlimited Internet Packages

New vision of future agriculture

Jhon deere - A great American brand, Jhon deere is a power steering oil immersed brake technology, the extra weight behind ...

203 and 50 cents against the dollar

The rupee hit an all-time low against the US dollar today. The selling price of a dollar against the exchange rate released by the Central Bank ...

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