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160,000 birth control pills released free of charge

Birth control pills for athletes participating in the Olympic Games, which kicks off on the 23rd of next month in Tokyo, Japan.

A gas chamber is being built to carry out the death penalty

The state of Arizona in the United States has strongly opposed the construction of a gas cell for the execution of the Jews.

The youngest professor in the world

Different people in different parts of the world have different talents. His name is about the little professor who won the attention of the world with his knowledge ...

Discovers the world's third largest diamond

මෙතෙක් හමු වූ තුන්වන විශාලතම දියමන්තිය අප්‍රිකාවෙන් හමුවී ඇති අතර එය මේ වන විට බොට්ස්වානාහි ප්‍රදර්ශනය කර තිබෙන බව...

Finds a virus similar to corona

Chinese researchers have discovered a new group of coronaviruses in bats, one of which is the genetically engineered Rhinolofus pus.

A Sri Lankan girl who has been in a detention camp on Chrysimus Island for two years has fallen ill

A three-year-old girl from a Sri Lankan Tamil family in a detention camp on Christmas Island has been abducted after being denied asylum in Australia.

The father of the world's largest family dies

The father of the Chana family, believed to be the largest family in the world, has died.

Massive explosion shakes China - search for bodies

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a Chinese police recruiting center in Xi'an, Hubei province.

New Covid Symptoms Discovered By British Scientists

Headache, runny nose and sore throat are the most common symptoms of Covid, say UK scientists

Here is the profile of the person who shook the world and slapped the French President in the ear

It has been revealed that the person who slapped the French President Emmanuel Macron was a follower of Hitler. The police who searched his house ...

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