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Sunday, June 20, 2021

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Good news about the corona vaccine - Corona Vaccinate

According to a study, all the corona virus vaccines currently in use provide high protection against the risk of death from the virus.

Do you know the best way to get rid of corona?

The best way to get rid of the corona virus is to spend more on PCR tests or rapid tests, and more intensive care unit beds ...

What is the effect of Kovid on newborns? (Video)

What is the effect of Kovid 19 on newborn babies today when it has become a challenge for everyone? They should be protected from this virus.

Is Kovid infected and still at home? Call this number

If there are people who have been infected with the Covid 19 virus and have been hospitalized late, let them know ...

Here are four ways you can check for infections at home

A special feature of the new variety of Kovid which is currently spreading in Sri Lanka is the sore throat and additional ailments ...

Be aware of these symptoms

The Pharmaceuticals Corporation has stated that there are some special symptoms of the new Kovid variety which is believed to be spreading in the country.

Sinhala Tamil New Year auspicious

This year the Sinhala New Year will dawn on Wednesday 14th April at 02.33 pm.

Cremation Ceremony of Aggamaha Panditha, Ven. Kotugoda Dhammawasa Thero (Live)

Aggamaha Panditha, Cremation Ceremony of Ven. Kotugoda Dhammawasa Thero (Live) https://youtu.be/g31bRccoD1w Video sponsored by Hiru TV

Here is the mechanism by which everyone talks about the AstraZeneca vaccine

This is an analysis of the mechanism by which the AstraZeneca vector vaccine works.

2021 marks the beginning of a new year

The new year 2021 began with the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century. New Year people of Sri Lanka ...

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