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Here is how a 14 year old girl was sold for money

An incident where a 14 year old girl was sexually abused for a long time with the knowledge of her mother ...

What an inhumane cyclist did to a motorcyclist on the highway at night

A video of a motorcyclist being brutally assaulted by two other motorcyclists has been shared on social media. Behind this incident ...

Rice prices rise further

Less than a month after large-scale rice mill owners announced prices, rice prices have risen again. Accordingly Nadu ...

Boss' son arrested for garlic scam

The CID has taken action to arrest another suspect in connection with the Sathosa garlic scam yesterday (22). The arrest ...

Controversial statement from the President

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has said that the people of the country have elected him as President to see the price of dhal or rice.

New faces for 6 big government posts

Three secretaries to the ministry and two ambassadors were given the approval of the Parliamentary Committee on High Posts yesterday (22).

Rocks fall from the sky at Baddegama Police also arrive

Several strange pieces of rock have fallen from the sky in the yard of a house in the Kuregoda area in Baddegama yesterday (22). Residents about this ...

Minister takes a decision against the police officer who assaulted the motorcyclist

Minister of Public Security Sarath Weerasekera has ordered the suspension of the police officer who assaulted two youths in the Eravur area in Dakalapuwa.

STF officers seize large quantities of Kerala cannabis

According to information received by the Gonahena, Ambalantota Intelligence Division, Gonahena Police Inspector SDPN Deshapriya, Ambalantota Camp Inspector Gayan ...

Announces the start date of tuition classes

The Minister of Finance Basil Rajapaksa has given permission to conduct tuition classes from November 01.

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