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Popular actor Roshan Pilapitiya's beloved wife Ridma celebrates her birthday - Photos

Roshan Pilapitiya is a popular actor who has won the love of the fans with his acting skills. His wife is Ridma Pilapitiya.

What do you remember when you see a bag like this? Wait until the last

What do you remember when you see a bag like this? Wait until the last

Urani Noshika warms up the bookie and re-emerges

Urani Noshika is a character who is constantly talked about. Uranium is talked about on social media because of fashion. Standing still in front of the camera ...

Here are the photos of the beautiful Sunny Leone on her daughter's birthday

There is no one who does not know Sunny Leone who came on the scene as a blue actress and later became a beautiful actress in Bollywood ... she is a blue actress ...

Dinesh Subasinghe, who enjoyed life on the violin, is getting married

Dinesh Subasinghe is a talented musician. Many works of art cannot do without his music. He is also an accomplished violinist. Playing for him ...

Actress Oshadhi Himasha celebrates her daughter's birthday with her husband

Oshadhi Himasha, who came to the field as a model and became an actress, had celebrated her daughter's birthday. The photos are below

Popular Actress Maheshi Madushanka Celebrating Her Little Daughter's Birthday (Photos)

Popular actress Mageshi Madushanka had celebrated her daughter's birthday with her beloved husband and son.

"Thank you so much for looking after us for 40 weeks !!"

Saranga and Dinakshi, a popular couple on the small screen, recently claimed the title of parents. So by now ...

Collection of photos taken with Shanudri Priyasad Kavindu

Shanudri Priyasad is not only good at dancing but also singing. Shanudri Hiru channel which receives a lot of responses on social media is broadcasting ...

Beautiful Natasha Perera dressed up as a fairy is back on the scene

Natasha Perera is a character who has won the love of everyone on the small screen. As an announcer as well as a singer, there is no one who does not know her. So ...

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