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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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IOC Fuel Issue is a problem

Lanka IOC The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has suspended the supply of fuel to petrol stations. The Fuel Distributors Association says.

Meanwhile, world oil prices hit a record high of $ 2018 a barrel yesterday, up 3 percent from yesterday.

Kosala Vidana Pathirana, President of the IOC Fuel Distributors Association said that the owners of petrol stations belonging to the IOC have been severely inconvenienced due to the sudden suspension of fuel distribution by the Ceylon IOC.

Lanka IOC The company recently stated that it expects to increase fuel prices.

Accordingly, a liter of diesel will be increased by Rs. 25 and a liter of petrol by Rs. 15, a senior official of the company said.

It is against such a backdrop that the Ceylon IOC The company is a subsidiary of LIOC. It was reported that the supply of fuel to filling stations has been suspended.

Meanwhile, Lanka IOC personnel were deployed in several areas near Colombo this morning. Our correspondents also stated that several filling stations had been closed.

Lanka Indian Oil Company, LIOC We inquired from the company about the allegation that the supply of fuel to petrol stations has been suspended.

A senior spokesman said some filling station owners were trying to stockpile fuel, predicting higher prices.

He stated that orders received once every two days are being received daily.

Accordingly, the IOC stated that the supply of fuel has not been suspended due to the inability to deliver daily orders. The company's spokesman said.

The IOC has so far called for an increase in fuel prices. He said the company had not made a decision and would have to raise prices if there was no relief

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