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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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The unfortunate fate of the young man who was abducting his girlfriend

A youth has died in a road accident in the Wattakachchiya area in Dharmapuram. Police said the driver was unable to control a tipper truck on the road ...

People who have become a force for the future of children

The Asian Friendly Arts Foundation recently donated 08 school equipment to Galigamuwa Navagamuwa Junior School. Rural children ...

Did you get caught up in the rumor that Goddess Sugala met with a treasure worth billions ..?

Goddess Sugala is known as the queen who had the right to inherit the Hela Kirula. She is known as the Commander-in-Chief of King Parakramabahu's forces ...

All the toys that Senaka had placed inside Ahinsa's body were seized

Ahinsa is a beautiful XNUMX year old woman living in Kandy. Her husband Senaka is a millionaire businessman. Ahinsa is six years old from this marriage ...

Kudu Sikh made me a devil

Does the Panchanantari know sins? Say yes, kill the mother, kill the father, kill the Arahant, shed the blood of the Buddha and the Sangha.

He is a farmer king who can work for our country

From scrap metal, and using a few parts of a bicycle for a very small amount of money, in a 5 day period without using any fuel ...

Residents of the garden wearing helmets

This news is reported to us from Pannala, Hettirippuwa area. A gas stove in a house in Pannala had exploded last evening (05).

One person mocks fate while another mocks fate

It feels strange to see some events in life. It's hard to imagine what is happening in our country.

I was all set to teach her an unforgettable lesson

This is a tourist hotel located on the beautiful Mirissa beach. A man who was staying in a luxury room upstairs in a hotel has received a serious phone call.

The worst plane crash ever reported from Sri Lanka

Nortonbridge near Wimalasurendra Reservoir to mark the 47th anniversary of the worst plane crash ever reported from Sri Lanka ...

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